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B-Top Ltd. - Accounting, advisory, tax returns

Who we are, and what we do

Doing business in Hungary

Hungary has a favorable business climate, with 9% profit tax, being member of the European Union is one of the best choice to start business at. A company may be set up in a few days, which primarily needs a tax advisory on establishing company type, and appropriate tax forms, and a legal representative to launch the company at the Court of Registration. We provide tax advisory, our legal representative is available to assist in the company registration process, and we will process your accounting during the operation. Further, we are delighted to host the seat of the company, if no other seat is available. 

About B-Top Ltd. and Opti-Top Accounting Ltd.

Members and colleagues of our companies are young professionals educated at College of Finance and Accountancy, holding accountant certificate. Further, some of our members are registered as a tax advisor at the Hungarian Finance Ministry. The companies started operations in 1994, and since then they successfully operate, now at two different locations. Our colleagues have deep understanding of the economy, and the permanently changing accounting and tax regulations, they have up-to-date IT knowledge, therefore we are able to perform our job efficiently and appropriately.


All of our functions are supported by computers. All returns to the tax office are submitted electronically and we request authorization by our clients to act on their behalf in such matters.

How can I get in touch with you?

At the following locations we are accessible in Hungary: Budapest and Dunaharaszti. You will be informed of your direct key contact person when first getting touch with us. The address of our headoffice is: H-1091 Budapest, Ifjúmunkás str. 10/II.; ph.: +36 20//327-7033, ph./fax.: +36 24/655-249, e-mail address:

Meeting us personally is only possible after arranging an appointment time by phone or preferably by e-mail. However, you do not need to waste your valuable working hours, since we are happy to meet you after the business hours or on weekends. If we are unable to pick up our phones please leave your message and we will shortly return to your call.


What is an "Accounting service"?

You provide us all basic documentation (including invoices, contracts, bank statements) of your company (that can be a Ltd. “Kft.”, or other form of association) monthly or quarterly (which can be at any time by dropping them to our collection box or sending them to us by mail or uploading to our private webspace). We will keep your books accordingly, submit your VAT return monthly/quarterly/annually, process your payroll, and prepare the necessary related forms and returns. At year ends we prepare your financial statements and annual tax returns. 

Are Personal income tax returns also prepared?

Yes. We prepare the personal income tax return of your employees. At special request we also prepare income tax return for individuals that are not our clients or not the employees of our clients. If requested we countersign the tax returns we prepare.

Are you going to help me setting up a business in Hungary and to find the best accounting and tax profile suitable to my company?

Yes, starting up companies should get in touch with us before finalising the Articles of Association or the Deed of Foundation. We can also provide lawyers assistance. If you become our client our advises have no extra costs. If you cannot find a seat for your company, we are happy to offer seat arrangement services for flat monthly fee.  

What are the advantages of your services to my company?

You can focus on your core business activity and accordingly you do not have to worry about the administrative matters (and may be penalties) arising from interactions with the tax office and other state agencies. You will be able to monitor the financial situation of your company by our IT based management report, because:

  • you will know, broken down monthly, when and what tax is payable in the future, and

  • you will receive a summary schedule, from which you will see what you have spent and the income you had in the past. 

This management report will be sent to you after performing a monthly/quarterly booking by mail/e-mail, and some limited information in SMS. Further, tailor made management reports are also available upon request.

We provide you detailed information with the use of sophisticated IT systems, while only limited/necessary information is provided to the state agencies/tax office. We undertake full data confidentiality about your business matters, with the exception of the money laundering rules. Further, you may receive business related advises about your business matters by e-mail or at personal meetings up to one hour monthly for no additional charge. Never forget: our mutual interest to pay the lowest tax within the limits allowed by the tax rules.

How much would it cost to my company?

You need to pay monthly or quarterly after we performed the service on the basis of the number items booked, the related turnover, and the number of employees on payroll. Starting up companies may enjoy 5-20% reduction from our standard prices. You will know the fees three months beforehand, that is usually lower as compared to other companies providing similar services. One hour consulting is free of charge for our clients monthly. Our general terms of business (one page fee summary) may be downloaded from here:

What happens if I do not wish to utilise your services regularly?

Retrospective bookkeeping may be utilised at the start of the following year by paying additional fee indicated in the last column of our price list. In this case we undertake to perform the service within two to three weeks. The start up saving of 5-20% is also applicable in this case.

What should I do if I want to utilise the accounting service?

Please fill in our proposal form or write an e-mail summarizing your request. 

You can utilise our services by making a written contract with us or, if your annual accounting fee is under Euro 750 without a contract. Please contact us with your further queries by phone (+36 20/327-7033) or by preferably e-mail (

What happens after the first contact?

After contacting us first time we need to arrange a personal meeting, where we discuss the further to dos and sign the paperwork (authorisation). Please bring along with you a hard copy of the following documents: (1) Articles of Association or the Deed of Foundation., (2) Personal ID of the managing Directors, and shareholders. Further, please also bring along the existing invoices and other documents so that we can start performing our services right away.

We are at your disposal.

Erika Nagy

Managing Director

B-Top Kft. Nagy Erika ügyvezető
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